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Zephyr is supported by... 

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Our trip to the USA was organized by:

Voyages La Perle Noire




Results at the contests:

 On April the 16th 2000 Zephyr ranked at number 12 at the Fire Fighting Home Robot Contest in Hartford, USA. 81 Teams were registered and 53 robots were finally allowed to the contest.

On April the 10th 2000 Zephyr won the 1st price and the price of computer science at the Fire Fighting Robot Contest in Lausanne organized by the LAMI.

 On April the 12th 1999 Zephyr got the 1st price and the price of micro engineering at the Fire Fighting Robot Contest at the EPFL.

Appearances of Zephyr at the stall of ECA at the following fairs:

 St-Croix: May 6th and 7th 2000 from 14h00 to 18h00

 Comptoir suisse, Lausanne: from 13th to 24th September 2000

 Avanches: from 20th to 23rd October 2000

Thanks: all our sponsors (see above) everyone who supported us, namely:

 Jean-Claude Schlup for technical advice

Valérie Schlup for the T-shirts

Léandre Halter for his help with sponsorship

Unai Viscarret and Ralph Piguet for the ultrasonic sensors

Fran6 Ray for the creation of the ad and the logo Zephyr

Céline Ray for the translations

Sabine and Daniel Zufferey for orthographic corrections

Sandra Giletti for further corrections

Julien Zufferey and the Trio Nota Bene for the music at the contest

Christophe Jaquet for his technical support

Michel Lauria and Sebastien Menot for help with Kameleon

...and everybody else.

Last update:  16.05.2000