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The contest in the USA:

The aim of this contest is to favor the development of robotics in its current use. The suggested application is the fight against fire. This fight can be considerably simplified with the use of robots. Their advantages are the speed of intervention and the local action. Above all, their autonomy limits the risks of human losses. Those robots are able to act in houses where they can be stored. When fire breaks out, they can immediately be put into action.
Such an environment is simulated, at the contest, by a model containing 4 rooms. In one of those rooms is placed a candle. The robot starts at a well-known position with the goal to find and extinguish the candle. There are obstacles in the rooms and ramps in the corridors to make the environment more realistic.
The contest is held on 15th and 16th of April 2000 at Trinity College (Hartford, Connecticut). About 100 teams take part. They mainly come from the eliminatory contests (Calgary, Dallas, Philadelphia, Seattle and Tel Aviv), but registration is open for everyone.