3D Bow Leg Hopper


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Version for the first hopping trials (February 2001)

New thrust mechanism based on a quite complex system with a DC motor and a clutch. The processor board has been replaced with a more definitive one based on a SX52 microcontroller and two gyros have been added.

12GlobalFromBelow   Images/5GlobalFromAbove

Preliminary version (January 2001)

First thrust mechanism based on a hobby servo and temporary processor board.

BowLegHopper1.jpg (217165 octets)    BowLegHopper2.jpg (164205 octets)

BowLegHopper3.jpg (53950 octets)    BowLegHopper4.jpg (176115 octets)

Published: 01.02.01 | Last update: 08.03.01